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I called Christy at lunchtime the following day to ask about Chris’s idea and she was excited, but couldn’t tell me over the phone. ”“That will please you,” I joked.“Chris tells me that he is a very dominant lover, who will teach me how to be a good sex slave! She had a huge smile on her face and I could tell that she liked Jason.“Is he nice?

I arrived home from work and she sat me down, I had convinced myself that he had asked her to go with him to Atlanta for the six or so months and my breathing was heavy as she took my hand.“He wants you to go with him, doesn’t he? ”I could hear the excitement in her voice as she told me that, Chris has personally chosen this guy to loan her out to while he is away.“Are you excited about this baby? I can’t wait to meet him.”“Just how, dominant is he? I don’t know, but I want to be ready in case he does.”She was excited about meeting this guy and also at having my approval. ” I asked.“Oh my God baby, he is a hunk,” Christy smiled, “he is very dominant!

I stood there as he kissed her again and placed his hands on her ass, my erection was obvious as they broke from their kiss.“Hi, dude,” Jason said as he put his arm around my wife’s shoulder.

I was stuttering as I replied, “Hi, I’m Steve, Christy’s husband.”“I am Jason, her new lover.”He seemed very sure of himself as he went on, “I am going to fuck her in every position possible; and she is going to be completely controlled by me for the time that Chris is away, okay! “Hm, okay.”“Chris tells me that he sleeps with her in your bed, every other night.”“Yes, that’s right,” I replied.“For the time that Chris is away, you will only sleep with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Jason went on, “I will be in your bed with her on every other night.”“Oh, okay,” I replied. He was now taking control and telling me how he was going to use my bed and my wife.“Even on the days that she sleeps with you, she will come over here and suck me off,” Jason finished with, “she will hold my cum in her mouth and show you when she comes home, then she swallows it, okay! Christy squeezed my hand and I looked into her eyes.

We were now almost seven months into her love affair with Chris and things were amazing.

Life is great for us, she has her black lover and I have a blowjob every other day. I got home from work one evening and she met me at the door with a huge passionate kiss, but I could tell that something was wrong.

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When they returned, Christy teased me about their lovemaking in Atlanta.I commented on how nice and sexy she looked and asked if she was wearing sexy lingerie? I had pre-cum leaking from my erect tool as she explained this to me.“Don’t just expect to be spanked at the weekend with me,” Jason told her, “you will probably be spanked every day with me.”Christy liked what she was hearing.“You will suck my dick every day; and you will strip naked, every time that you come over here,” Jason told her, “you strip as you enter the door and you stay naked until you leave! ”“No, he wants to save that until he takes me for the first time, he just touched my ass.”I was shaking with nerves as we made our way across the street to Chris’s house.”Christy told me that she told him that she would do that and apparently, he told her that, it was not an option, he demanded that she do what he tells her! ” I asked.“I love how he is going to dominate me, baby,” Christy smiled, "he wants to meet you.”“Okay, when? I was leaking pre-cum from my dick and Christy’s excitement only added to that.Chris was waiting at the door as we arrived and he kissed my wife as we walked in.Jason was standing in the living room; a huge black guy, around six feet tall and he weighed around one hundred and ninety pounds.

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