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He is an eight-time medalist (two gold, two silver, four bronze) in the Winter Olympics. You dumbasses have his information completely inaccurate!!!!!!!!!!!!Yuki says of his son's mother: "It's insignificant to what he is now." So what does Apolo think of the single parent who raised him?"He's really been the backbone of my support group.Sign up for Glamour.com's Style Tips of the Week and Beauty Tip of the Day newsletters! Apolo Ohno is an American short track speed skating competitor. Apolo was the winner of the television series WTF!? Do you even bother to do research before you submit?! Yuki told Sports Illustrated in 2002 that "fatherhood was a mystery. I didn't think I could pull this thing off." I smile warmly at that.

He loved to skate, and Ohno’s instincts told him to support his son’s athletic dreams.No doubt, you can count on me.’ ” Ohno acknowledges that his relationship with his son was not always smooth.During his son’s teenage years, in particular, the pair would often clash. I was the only parent to provide mentorship and decision-making, so if Apolo didn’t like my way, it was rough.Apparently he didn't fall for my shameless bribery. A lot.) Today, his school is closed because there is a blizzard and I have work to do--which will be hard to do with blondie running around.Except for a few photographs, Apolo has never even seen, let alone met, his mother and has no interest in learning more about her. Sometimes reality outweighs curiosity--an adult left a baby.

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