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At first Everything, Everything looks like a coming of age movie.And there’s just enough of that developing intimacy to keep it a 12A. Except the truth is pretty well signposted if you’re paying attention from the start, and given the various moments of peril and the resolutions to the conundrum of life versus love, it totally fails to elicit an emotional response from its audience, never mind tears.

, the epic adventure based on the Stephen King book series, debuting on digital October 17 and on 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD October 31 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The series begins on New Year's Eve day in Palmetto, Florida when Polly (Carrie Preston) arrives back from her vacation to resume her job at a nail salon run by Desna Simms (Niescy Nash).

We meet 3 other colorful women, Jennifer (Jenn Lyon), Quiet Anne (Judy Reyes), and Virginia (Karrueche Tran).

Teenagers out on a date will be able to chat, snog, crunch popcorn and generally not pay attention to the screen and yet leave the cinema with a complete grasp of every intricacy of the plot.

Clearly forty four year old me is not the intended audience.

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She sits on her wide windowsill and gazes over at his bedroom window. Except her window doesn’t open, so there’s no need for a ladder.

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