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Over two hundred episodes, spanning over nine seasons, all to hear about how Ted Mosby met the mother of his children.And while the show covers so much back story on how he met each of his friends, and how their relationships flourished, this episode gets down to the basics: to the very moment. And some future Ted, Lily, and Marshall that is absolutely amazing.Lily and Marshall are excited to have another couple to hang out with.Future Ted explains that they had fared poorly with previous couples, coming across as clingy and desperate.Barney is skeptical, but is left speechless when the young woman appears at Ted's bedroom door, inviting Ted back to bed, thus ending the reign of the Sexless Innkeeper.Brian Zoromski of IGN gave the episode 6.8 out of 10.Spoiler Alert: if you have not finished the series, I would not recommend reading this list unless you already know how the plotline goes!I hope everyone can enjoy reading this list, because I had a blast writing it!

After an evening together, Lily and Marshall are under the impression that it was "the best night ever", despite Robin and Barney being obviously bored and uncomfortable, with them complaining about how weird Marshall got about the cheese and how they would overreact when one little thing went wrong.The review described the episode as "mostly unfunny"; he went on to say that he liked the premise of Marshall writing sentimental songs for mundane occasions, but that it was not part of a believable story.If I had to use one word to describe the television phenomena that is How I Met Your Mother, it would be “Legen- waitforit-dary!Ted is annoyed at the new nickname and constantly tells them that they're wrong.As Barney and Robin leave for brunch with Lily and Marshall, Ted recites a poem of his own for Barney, telling the tale of a busty young blonde woman who was turned on by his professor persona.

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