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But, in recent decades, commentators have shed more light on the dark side of his discoveries—the violence against the native tribes, the forced slavery, and the diseases the European explorers brought with them.

Instead of being seen as a cultural hero, Columbus has been recast as a villain in a story of exploitation and conquest.

He believed he had found the approach to the Garden of Eden when he ventured up the Orinoco River in present-day Venezuela and that the gold-mines of Solomon were hidden somewhere on Hispaniola, the island home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

To be sure, the nobility of his intentions were somewhat marred by brutalities as well.

While the Portuguese sent Vasco da Gama around the coast of Africa, the Spanish backed Columbus in his bid to find a direct route across the ocean.

Like da Gama, Columbus saw his mission as part of a broader religious drama.

Instead of another battle by land, the plan was to find a sea route to the East Indies, cutting out the Muslim middlemen in the spice trade and forging an alliance with the legendary Prester John, a priest-king believed to be the ruler of a powerful kingdom in the East.

In fact, one of the earliest atrocities occurred entirely in his absence.But it is Columbus the discoverer and explorer whom we truly celebrate and honor, not Columbus the civil governor.His personal influence on the ultimate fate of the Indians of the Caribbean was slight; in no significant way did he change what their history would have been without him, once the discovery was made.In his letters, Columbus described his vision of the eventual defeat of Islam, expressing hope that the revenues generated from his trip could be used to serve Christendom: “I have already petitioned Your Highness to see that all the profits of this, my enterprise, should be spent on the conquest of Jerusalem,” Columbus wrote.Columbus certainly was eying worldly rewards for his efforts.

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His discovery would bring the Catholic Faith, to which he was devoted, to the people who lived in that land,” Carroll writes.

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