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Evaluating public programmes such as Bolsa Familia is important in many respects.

And finally beneficiaries are expected to adjust their behaviour to meet the programme’s expectations, or conditionalities, as illustrated in the table below: Obtaining reliable, timely and detailed data on the output and outcome of public programmes is notoriously difficult.In the case of Bolsa Familia, evidence of the programme’s effects is provided by the Unified Registry for Social Programmes (Cadastro Único or CadÚnico), a set of systems and processes used for collecting, cross-validating and providing information on those entitled to take part in the programme.The effects of the programme are so far encouraging.Since 2003, 36 million Brazilians have been lifted out of extreme poverty.A significant part of this achievement is credited to the Bolsa Familia program, a conditional cash transfer scheme that provides a monthly cash benefit to poor families who meet required health and education conditionalities.

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