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Also, I have a friend telling me to get the GED so I can go to college and get the career that I want.

My husband is an electrical engineer and graduated from San Luis Obispo University in Santa Maria.

I can no longer be ashamed of not having my GED, and I’m much more confident in myself. They are now registered nurses in Norway, United States, and my country because of all the hard work from school they did.

I can’t move back in because she wouldn’t let me keep my baby and if she did she wouldn’t ever let me see my boyfriend ever again.

I love both my boyfriend and my child and I’m not going to let anything get in between us.

For me, Math was by far most challenging, but I understood it.

Now that I have my GED I plan to migrate and apply for a job.

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Through every obstacle I made it, with only your father there for that.

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