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So after I became somewhat of a “rock star” myself, I knew the value of what these guys taught me could allow my clients and students to sharpen their game even further… to supplement the approach of the Sexual Decoder System with a primal understanding of the female brain…I’m talking about the deep and evolutionary aspects of seduction that go far beyond slick pickup lines and “slight of mind” tricks that some guys in this market peddle.It was my mission to reveal that wisdom, and I knew my mission would not be complete without the teachings of the experts and mentors who had set me on the path to enlightenment. After all, these were proprietary secrets – if everyone knew them, then how long would it be until some bikini model in Monte Carlo laughed at them and explained how a nerdy accountant used the same “pickup trick” the night before?But the thing is, these aren’t pickup “tricks” or sleezy lines or hypnosis hijacks we’re talking about.

My most persuasive argument was that rather than “clutter the landscape” with imitators and wannabes, their teachings could actually improve the relationships between men and women…rise above the hustle and cheap tricks of the “pickup” mentality and – maybe – make the world a better place for guys AND girls struggling to make meaningful connections! In fact, out of the 23 people I had on my bucket list for the event, a full 18 of them responded back positively!Things were actually proceeding better than I had hoped – the venue was booked, itineraries scheduled, and invitations were prepared…The “holy grail” of seduction, and I couldn’t do a goddamn thing with it. Although there were times I wanted to give up – I seriously worried I was going to have a stroke over the stress involved – I had come too far to let these seminars gather dust in a drawer.But I’m not the kind of guy who gives up easily (just ask some of my conquests). The great news is after all the sweat, tears, and frustration, I’ve come to an agreement with ten of the most impactful and transformational mentors I’ve worked with – the guys I knew could make the biggest difference and have the deepest impact. Right now, what’s important to know is that these seminars are now available for a very limited time…

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and these same people forgot about all that paperwork they had signed ahead of time. I had a treasure-trove of information sitting on my hard drive and I couldn’t do a thing about it. But the last thing I wanted to do was piss off the guys who had helped me so much.

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