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Winners of beauty pageants are likely to succeed in the business and professional world, especially if the pageant was at an international level.” /=/ Dr. Leyson wrote in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality: “In traditional Chinese society, women were to be obedient to the father and elder brothers when young (single), to the husband when married, and to their sons when widowed.

For Filipinas of Chinese ethnic origin, marriage was the only means to economic survival.

Her husband may have built their house, the symbol of their conjugal state, but she was the maybahay, literally the owner of the house.[Source: Alvina, C. Polygamy, the wife as the husband’s chattel, and deferential behavior of women in the presence of men are still strong values in the Muslim-dominated areas. D., Encyclopedia of Sexuality, 2001 |~|] Men are seen as head the head of the family, but women often assume the role of major income or wage earner as well as homemaker and nurturer of their children.

The Muslim ideals of feminine behavior still produce a dependent, inferior, passive, and obedient woman. Women are just as likely as men to seek and take overseas contract work.

These women have no right to divorce or to remarry if widowed. D., Encyclopedia of Sexuality, 2001 |~|] The traditional colonial Filipina was supposed to reach marriage in a virginal state.

Those who try to defy these traditions have been ostracized and sometimes driven to depression or even to suicide. She was expected to take care of the domestic tasks, go to church, bear and educate children, and support her man in his political, professional, and economic endeavors.

Women have traditionally been expected to be involved in nurturing tasks like education and service, while men were supposed to be leaders in politics. Their role of a woman in many ways is defined by Catholicism. On the other hand women are often invited to dinner and evening outing unlike other Asian countries when night out are often men only affairs. Women occupy a high place in society, politics and the professions.

They enjoy equal social and political rights with men.

Women's rights to equality and to share the family inheritance with male siblings are firmly established and are not questioned.The first few roles are more firmly entrenched in tradition and probably influence the more modem roles that a Filipina faces.[Source:] In pre-colonial times, among many ethnic groups, custom law gave women equal rights with men.Since there are more working women now then ever before, today’s Filipina does a balancing act between career and family.According to “Traditional roles prevail in rural areas, where men cultivate the land but the entire family is involved in planting and harvesting the crops.

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