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Strictly speaking, only the very modern genus Equus contains "horses", but I will call all equids "horses" rather indiscriminately.Most horse species, including all the ancestors of Equus, arose in North America.(In fact, even at this length, this post is still only a summary! Marsh published a description of newly discovered horse fossils from North America.

(Other perissodactyls are tapirs and rhinos, and possibly hyraxes.) The most modern equids (descendents of Parahippus) are called "equines".

Hyracotherium is shown giving rise to three lineages. The tree itself is unreadable to those who are visually impaired so skip the tree graphic.

2My Old & New World Equus \ | / \ | / 4My Hippidion Equus Stylohipparion | | Neohipparion Hipparion Cormohipparion | | Astrohippus | | | | | Pliohippus --------------------------- 12My Dinohippus Calippus \ | / | | Pseudhipparion \ | / | | | | ------------------------------------------- Sinohippus 15My \ | / | \ | / Megahippus | 17My Merychippus | | | Anchitherium Hypohippus | | | 23My Parahippus Anchitherium Archeohippus | | | (Kalobatippus?

And here's the tree..that the timescale is a bit weird (e.g.

the Oligocene is compressed almost to nothing) to keep it from being too long.

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Such exhibits focussed attention on the horse family not only as evidence for evolution per se, but also specifically as a model of evolution, with Equus being the "goal" of equine evolution.

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