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Vincent de Paul secured as many as possible from the provinces, and had them cared for in Paris by Mlle le Gras and the Sisters of Charity then fully established.

Three towns alone furnished no less than 1000 orphans under the age of seven years.

Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes?

Available now on and and This Site Map of Olive Tree Genealogy shows the different genealogy sections of my site, and what you'll find there.

He should be as careful and as diligent in the management of the orphan's property as of his own or even more careful still." When Christianity began to affect Roman life, the best fruit of the new order was charity, and special solicitude was manifested towards the orphan. Justinian released from other civic duties those who undertook the care of orphans. During the Middle Ages the monasteries preserved to modern times the notion of the duty of the Church to care for its orphans.

Antonius Pius had established relief agencies for children. In the Apostolic Constitutions, "Orphans as well as widows are always commended to Christian love. They were the shelters where the orphans were taught learning and trade avocations.

Natural sympathy, however, and willingness to bear a distributed burden for the common good, rather than to enforce an individual one, contribute to the acceptance of the care of orphans as a public duty.The key to success on Olive Tree Genealogy pages is to let each page load completely, then slowly scroll down the page, reading as you go.Have fun and remember, if the data is on Olive Tree Genealogy or a sister site, it is FREE! Long Island New York - Coordinated Records of Marriages and Baptisms from the Flatbush RDC Consistory Books And the Registers of its Daughter Church at New Lots Kings County, Long Island, New York, Baptisms 1792-1872 and Marriages 1787-1872 Don't leave without searching for your ancestors on Olive Tree Genealogy!Vincent de Paul's influence by a century, and was due not to French but to Spanish inspiration.This was an orphanage for girls, which was established in 1548 in Mexico by a Spanish order and was called La Caridad (Steelman, "Charities for Children in Mexico").

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