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X Chapter One: Halloween The chilly fall night is dark and still when I exit the library. " I'm scream, frantic to keep my eyes away from whatever is torturing me. " And then I'm screaming as I wake up, back in the library. "Sorry, babe, Tom has some people over." "I can hear." I run down another flight of stairs.

A few lights hover over the parking lot, but they are too dim to really make a difference. My eyes dart around nervously while I make my way across the lot, beeping my car unlocked. I'm not normally spooked like this, or at least I wasn't a month ago before the nightmares started. "No, no," I plead even as I comply with the voice's instructions. I'm sitting at the desk; all my things are there as I left them.

That’s especially true when you consider the case of Jobs. He was dumped by Apple, his baby, the company he had co-founded in his garage with pal Steve Wozniak.

The firing came after a power struggle in which the board of directors sided with John Sculley, a former Pepsi executive who had been brought in to run the company.

The deal also brought Jobs back to the company, and he eventually took over as CEO.

When the prodigal Jobs returned to Apple, many were openly speculating whether Apple was beyond salvation, as the company wallowed in financial losses and seemed to have lost direction.

Apple also is now one of the most valuable companies in America by market capitalization. He wasn’t always in the enviable position of being both Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s darling.

I notice he lingers on my breasts and I recall having an introductory lit class with him. Running down the stairs, I pull my phone out and call Brian. Please stay on the phone with me." "Hold on, I can't hear you! I almost completely turned around this time and saw it." I can finally breathe when I walk out the front doors. That trauma definitely took a year or two off my life.

I just had a nightmare." He smiles unsurely and then does a quick check of my body. I don't even care how much of a mess I look right now. Thanks for staying with me." I throw my bag in and haul my body into the seat. Brian's lucky--he has a much lighter schedule than I do. He sleeps so heavily that last time when I woke up screaming and he didn't react, I was convinced he was dead.

Steve Jobs' charismatic style allowed him to quickly move past his, and Apple's miscues. and transforming the entire consumer computer and phone industry.

In July of 2010 at the company's headquarters he moved to defuse the "antennagate" scandal where some i Phone users got spotty or no service. But he’ll also be remembered fondly as the poster child for how making mistakes — and even failing — can sometimes end up being the best thing that ever happens to you.

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